What is Top Hat Soil? 

It's your lawn's secret weapon!

We’ve created a proprietary (and patent pending) soil enhancement machine that will make your lawn a “Yard of the Month”  worthy! 

The system aerates while fertilizing saving steps in the care of your lawn. It does this by “shooting” enriched soil nutrients directly into the deep root system of your lawn. Our system is environmentally friendly, which is important in preserving our natural ecosystem and our surrounding lakes, ponds and oceans. 

Our system is also irrigation friendly and will not harm the line connections that are buried in your lawn. Traditional lawn aeration methods pull up “plugs” from your lawn, often damaging irrigation lines that are buried in a shallow depth in your lawn. This also removes the unsightly plugs that are in every square inch of your lawn. These plugs can take weeks to dissolve back into your lawn. 

Environmental excellence.

What better better goal could a green industry firm have? When it comes to the professional care of living things, environmental excellence takes on many forms:

  • Performance – are the methods of care producing high levels of health?
  • Responsibility – are the methods of care being used harmful to other living beings?
  • Accessibility – are the methods of care reasonably available and affordable?

Top Hat services are unique, scientifically based, practical and affordable health care methods for creating healthy plants and turf grasses. They are being made available by the same green industry expert who conceived and established Total Tree Care in 1996 and Total Lake Care in 2015.

Todd Stephenson, ISA Certified Arborist and the founder of both Total Tree Care and Total Lake Care is now spearheading another specialized firm – Top Hat Plant & Turf Health Services – to bring the same environmental excellence to turf grass and landscape plants that he’s brought to water and to tree care for the last twenty five years.

Top Hat Services aren’t meant to replace or diminish the roles of other professional lawn care service providers.

Our services are here to support and enhance their efforts. Our services target the most often overlooked and inaccessible aspect of plant and turf care – soil. Turf and plants are constantly depleting soils of nutrients. They also prevent natural soil amendments from entering the growing zone. Top Hat’s proprietary soil rejuvenation processes work under plants and turf – without harming them or their irrigation systems.

✓ Healthy soil equals healthy plants.

✓ Healthy soil equals healthy turf.

✓ Healthy plants and healthy turf have fewer chronic problems

✓ Healthy plants require less chemical and insecticide treatments and they require less irrigation.

For 25 years now people have known who to call when their trees need specialized care. For over 6 years now people have known who to call when their lakes and ponds need specialized care. Now, people can know who to call when their lawns and plants need specialized care. Top Hap Soil Services set the stage for problem resolution by insuring that plants and turf are growing in great soil. Once the soil is great, everything else can fall right into place.